Friday, March 19, 2010

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SharePoint DataView Web Part

Definition : An XSLT-rendering Web Part that receives its data (XML/XPathNavigable objects) from a DataSourceControl control.

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DataForm webpart is the easiest webpart to develop and most efficient.

The Data Form Web Part is not completely new; in SharePoint 2003, this it is called the Data View Web Part. Using the Data Form Web Part, you are able to use multiple data sources, including data coming from external data sources. The data presented in a Data Form Web Part is also known as a Data View.

Follow the next steps to create a Data View.
1. Open the Site in Sharepoint Designer 2007
2. Go to Data View Menu and click Insert Data View. The Task Pane will be opened. And you can inserts a Data Form Web Part onto your Web part page.
3. The next step is to select a data source to create a data view. You can choose to select an already existing data source or to create a new data source. Select the data source you want, and choose Show Data from the dropdown list. Doing this opens the Data Source Details task pane containing all the fields that are available for that data source.
4. In the Data Source Details task pane, you can choose which fields you want to show in your data view. After selecting those fields, click the Insert Selected Fields As dropdown listbox. You can choose in what way you want to insert your selected fields.
5. More and Different Options are all configurable. The best way it to test it out by clicking all of them and watching them in the browser.

It is a very powerfull Web Part and worth to test and invest some time

Check the Web Part Here:

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